SCHEDULE FOR  2016 UPDATED Febuary 9th 2016, The performance boat courses will be somewhere near you!
Upcoming classes in progress:

 Feb 16/17 2016    Miami, Fl
 Feb TBD    Sarasota Fl
 Feb TBD    Ft Lauderdale, FL
 Mar 7/8 2016

   Phoenix, AZ (Confirmed)

 Mar 10/11 2016

   Lake Havasu, AZ (Confirmed)

 Mar TBD

   Lake Lanier, GA

 Mar TBD    Destin, FL
 Mar TBD    Lake Hartwell, SC
 Mar 29/30 2016    Lake Havasu, AZ (Confirmed)
 Apr 5/6 2016    Lake St Clair, MI
 Apr 15/16 2016    Lake Cumberland, KY (Confirmed)
 Apr 21/22 2016    Manhasset Bay, NY (Confirmed)
 Apr 26/27 2016    Desert Storm Lake Havasu, AZ (Confirmed)
 May 2/3 2016    Lake Of the Ozarks, MO (Confirmed)
 May 5/6 2016    Kentucky Lake, KY 
 May 12/13 2016    Amherstburg, Ont. Canada (Confirmed)
 May 16/17 2016    Detroit, MI (Confirmed)
 May TBD    Table Rock, MO
 May TBD    Houston, TX
 May TBD    New Orleans, LA
 June 23/24 2016    Chesapeake Bay, MD (Confirmed)
 June TBD    Port Clinton, OH
 June TBD    Buffalo. NY
 June TBD    Tom's River, NJ
 June TBD    Dallas, TX
 June TBD    Seattle, WA
 June TBD    Lake Powell, AZ
 July TBD    Kelowna BC, Canada
 July TBD    Toronto ONT, Canada
 July TBD    Long Beach, CA
 July TBD    Thousand Islands, NY
 July 25/26 2016    Lake Tahoe, CA
 Aug  TBD    Grand Lake, OK
 Aug TBD    Destin, Fl
 Aug TBD    Table Rock Lake, MO
 Aug TBD    Traverse City, MI
 Aug 24/25 2016     Lake of the Ozarks, MO (Shootout)
 Aug TBD    Chicago, IL

 Sept TBD

   Lake Havasu, AZ

 Sept TBD

   Lake Powell, AZ

 Sept TBD

   Lake St Clair,  MI

 Sept TBD

   Lake Norman, NC

 Oct TBD

   Lake Havasu, AZ


Port Clinto OH Lake Norman NC
Lake Lanier GA Smith Mountain Lake KY
Lake Tahoe CA Long Beach CA
Baltimore MD Austin TX
Lake Powell AZ New Orleans LA
Destin FL Tampa FL
Fort Meyers FL Seattle WA
Kelowna Canada Toronto Canada
Montreal Canada Quebec Canada
Thousand Islands NY Knoxville TN
Nashville TN Green Bay WI
Jacksonville FL Chicago IL
Lake Powell AZ Lake Murray SC
Houston TX Grand Lake OK

Call for details or additional availability in any location Worldwide!!!!

Phone: 352-620-8737
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