SCHEDULE FOR  2017/18  UPDATED Nov 18, The performance boat courses will be somewhere near you!
Upcoming classes in progress:

December 12/13 2017 Lake Havasu, AZ
January 11/12 2018 Miami, FL
January 16/17 2018 Destin, FL
January 19/19 Long Beach, CA
January 25/26 Lake Havasu, AZ
Febuary 5/6 Destin, FL
Febuary 8/9 Miami, FL
Febuary 20/21 Lake Havasu, AZ
Febuary  27/28 Long Beach, CA
March 1/2 Miami, FL
March 5/6 Destin, FL
March 5/6  Lake Havasu, AZ
March 12/13 New Orleans, LA
March 19/20 Destin, FL
March 22/23 Houston, TX
April 2/2 Miami, FL
April 5/6 Beaver Creek, AR
April 9/10 Chattanooga, TN
April 17/19  Lake Havasu, AZ 
April 23/24 Dallas, TX
April 26/27 LOTO, MO
May 1/2 Tickfaw, LA
May 1/2 Lake Cumberland, KY
May 8/9 Lake Mead, NV
May 8/9  Miami, FL 
May 10/11  Lake Powell, AZ 

May 16/17

Long Island, NY 
May 16/17  Destin, FL 
May 21/22 St Clair, MI
May 24/25 Traverse City, MI
June 5/6 Miami, FL
June 5/6 Lake Tahoe, CA
June 19/20 Seattle, WA
June 25/26 Port Clinton, OH
July 9/10 Miami, FL
July 9/10 Boyne City, MI
July 12/13 St Clair, MI
July 16/17 St Paul, MN
July 19/20 Traverse City, MI
July 25/26 Kelowna, BC
August 6/7 Destin, FL

Call for details or additional availability in any location Worldwide!!!!

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