Advanced, Hands-On, Skill-Based Training Services

*All classes are now online via Zoom.

Performance Boat Course

Designed for single engine catamaran and V bottom boats running less than 75 MPH, this course teaches hull design, steps, trim & tab positions, turning & recovery techniques, defensive driving, and more.

Center Console Performance Course

A standard of excellence for Center Console or multi use open deck hulls. Our instructors personally guide each driver through advanced skills of handling these new hull types.

High Performance Course

For multi-step V Hull and Catamarans at speeds from 75MPH to 125MPH. This course will teach you safety issues, step hull v bottom & cat hull design, trim & tab settings for all water conditions and more.

Ultimate Performance Course

Our Instructors guide each student through advanced skill training and terminal performance objectives required to safely operate multi-step V Hull and Catamarans that operate at speeds above 125MPH.

Sport Yacht Course

For sport yachts and cruisers 42 feet and longer, this course teaches basic and advanced skills for safely maneuvering your large craft. Both around the docks, and out at sea.

Government Training

Situations in extreme environments require real skill to achieve success. We provide the ultimate training and have a proven track record which demonstrate our excellent government water vessel training methods.

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