About Tres Martin’s Performance Boat School

“My interest in the boating industry began in the late 1970’s. By the mid 1980’s, that interest had advanced into racing boats. To date, I have over 50 victories under my belt, including four National, and four World Championships. I have spent countless hours on balancing, setting up, and providing the research and development that goes into making a boat handle.

It has always been my belief that the best balancing and handling of a boat makes it win, not the fastest speed. I have invested endless hours into the research and development of V-Hulls and Catamarans to provide better handling knowledge. I truly believe that I possess the proper knowledge to instruct boat owners on the proper and safe usage of their vessel. So many times, I step aboard a performance boat with a customer, only to find that they are not properly operating their hull. I decided to teach Performance Boating due to the fact that modern technology is creating rapid progression in hull speed.

I believe that high performance boating is still one of the great recreational privileges that we have available and that many take for granted. I feel that uneducated users of these new hull designs will soon create hardships on the boating industry through casualties and fatalities, causing inflated insurance rates. I know that I can bring a safe educational manner to owners and operators which would benefit all, including manufacturers, insurance companies and customers. In the end, the result is saving lives and millions of dollars for safe boating.”

-Tres Martin, Founder